B&W, Fellsmere, FL

Distinctive baby leaves packed with flavor, freshness and nutrition.

About B&W

B & W is the world’s largest producer of both green and red watercress. They refer to watercress as “the original antioxidant powerhouse” since only kale can match it for sheer nutrient density. This potassium-rich green is also loaded with iron that is easily absorbed by the body. Culinarily speaking, the thick, fibrous stems help watercress to stand up to acidic dressings, making it the perfect buffet salad offering

B & W Wild Red Watercress is a patented variety they originally discovered growing wild in across the south years ago. Now domesticated by B&W, it is greatly sought-after by chefs. Red watercress becomes unavailable when the weather gets too warm as high temperatures leach out the color. B & W grows it across numerous temperature zones in the country to keep those gaps at a minimum. Red Watercress is a stunning garnish for any dish or salad and, like its green cousin, has a juicy texture and bright, spicy flavor.

In addition to perking up any salad, watercress is delicious blanched then pureed into soups and sauces and stir-fried to a crisp-tender turn.


There is simply no one in the world with our depth of experience, range of specialized seasonal farms and number of unique and proprietary varieties.

The B&W Team