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Why Choose Avocados From Mexico?
Avocados represent Mexico’s authentic heritage in a way that almost nothing else from Mexico can. Through the avocado growing, packing, and distribution process, the avocado growers from Mexico stay true to their essence by integrating good foods into good times, and good fun with good people. Avocados and guacamole are deeply tied to Mexico’s heritage and provide a beautiful representation of Mexico’s fun, positive, and vibrant culture. From their humble beginnings as seedlings to their maturity as the plump, delicious, creamy fruits you know and love, Mexico’s avocados are made with love and the utmost attention to detail.


Avocados From Mexico

“We have the third biggest country in the world in the United States, which is 100 percent in love with avocados,” Luque says. “And we have the number one avocado exporter in the world in Mexico, which is really the only place that can supply that demand. It’s a perfect match.”

Alvaro, Hispanic Executive