5 Spoke Creamery, Goshen, NY

Handmade Farmstead Cheese

About 5 Spoke Creamery

The cheesemakers at 5 Spoke have a philosophy of balance; their cow’s milk cheese offers the flavor of fine cheese and the health benefits of raw milk.  Production takes place on-site in a restored barn and farmhouse in Goshen, NY, only 57 miles out of NYC.  Because of seasonal changes and availability of grasses and wildflowers, their pasture-fed cows’ diets are fresh and diverse, resulting in flavor profiles that cannot be manufactured or duplicated.

All of 5 Spoke Creamery's cheeses are hand made in the farmstead tradition (produced on site with a closed herd) from the raw milk of grass-fed Holstein cows, free of pesticides and hormones.

5 Spoke Creamery

"We consider making cheese the art of possibility. What will occur on any given day, from how the milk will taste to how the fresh raw milk will interact with the cultures and the mysteries of the cave".

5 Spoke Creamery Team