The Walk In: Babu Ji NYC

The Walk In: Babu Ji NYC

Baldor Editors Apr 21 , 2016

Where do we even begin with this restaurant?  We literally adore everything about it. The butter chicken?  Could eat it every night. Self-service beer fridge? The best.  In fact, when the restaurant opened back in the summer of 2015, our team was so smitten that you could probably have found at least one Baldor employee dining at the restaurant every night of the week.


While we love the bargain tasting menu and comfortable ambiance, our favorite element of Babu Ji is Chef Jessi Singh’s unfailingly warm and accommodating presence in his dining room.  We were so honored to have him prepare his wildly delicious gol gappa (hollow poori balls filled with tamarind yogurt) at our recent Bite event that we wanted to memorialize him.  We went back into his recent order history with us and found that the ingredients he sources through Baldor are as interesting and nuanced as the dishes he creates with them.  Check out what he’s been using from us lately below!


Chef: Jessi Singh

Restaurant: Babu Ji

Order Date: April 2016

Ingredients: Carrots, Orchids, Pomegranates, Passion Fruit Puree, Daikon, Mint, Ginger, Beets, Garlic, Micro Spectrum Mix. 


Babu Ji


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