What’s on Deck for 2016

What’s on Deck for 2016

Cecilia Estreich Jan 4 , 2016

Happy New Year! In honor of the upcoming year we’re doing a rundown of everything that’s on our radar for 2016. We’ve got a lot of exciting new programs and milestones on the horizon, including Baldor’s 25th anniversary. Check out what we’re most excited about below!

1. SparCs
You may have noticed the growing buzz surrounding food waste. From Dan Barber’s WastEd dinner series to Misfit Juicery’s cold-pressed juices, businesses are starting to seriously address America’s problem with waste. Baldor is joining the movement to combat this growing issue with a new program called SparCs. Through this program we’re seeking creative ways to keep the scraps from our Fresh Cut facility out of the landfill. Learn more about the program here.

2. Baldor Bite, 2016
It’s baaaack… If you attended our 2013 and 2014 events, you’ll be familiar with Bite. This all-day conference and party is our opportunity to get to you know, introduce you to our vendors and generally show you that we love you. This year, we’ll be celebrating Baldor’s 25th birthday party so expect lots of special guests, exciting programming and delicious food. Party will be held on April 6th at La Venue at The Waterfront in NYC. Stay tuned for more information soon.

3. Pre-Order Program
This year, we’re launching a pre-order program that allows you to order non-inventoried items right from the farm and have them delivered by Baldor. This means you’ll have direct access to unique, limited quantity items from farms like Norwich Meadows and Fresh Origins with the guaranteed reliability that we built our name on.

4. Local Program
You can expect an even stronger local program for 2016! We’ll bring you the same beautiful products, but with an expanded selection of items available by preorder. We’ll also offer you the chance to put your money where your mouth is with a local pledge that ranks our most active local supporters.

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