How Patriot Pickle is Making Lunch More Sustainable

How Patriot Pickle is Making Lunch More Sustainable

Baldor Editors Jan 2 , 2017

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows the pickle business as well as the folks at Patriot Pickle.  With 30 years of experience and deep knowledge of the business, Patriot is the undisputed pickle king in this part of the world. 

Recently, the company demonstrated its market-leading position by setting new standards for sustainability in the pickle business. Patriot is in the process of implementing a plan to convert 100% of the energy needed in their refrigerated warehouse from the electric grid to solar power. 

Like Baldor, the company has also undertaken a project to eliminate waste from their operations.  They currently recycle 100% of their cardboard, paper and plastic waste and they send their entire food waste output to a pig farmer from October to May. 

We’re looking forward to seeing more environmentally-conscientious moves from this vendor throughout 2017.  Want to learn more about Patriot Pickle?  Browse this round up of our favorite items below or read their full history here.

Our Favorites:




It doesn’t get more traditional than these full sour pickles. Your bubbe would approve.



Kosher Dill Chips

These chips are always crisp, making them the ultimate burger or sandwich topper.  We feel no shame eating them straight out of the 5 gallon bucket.




Hot & Sweet Chips

While we love the classic kosher dill chips, sometimes you want to mix it up.  Patriot’s hot and sweet chips are a ham and cheese sandwich’s best friend. 

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