Introducing the Joyce Farms Grass-Fed Beef Program

Introducing the Joyce Farms Grass-Fed Beef Program

Benjamin Walker Jan 30 , 2017

With the success of the Heritage Poultry line, the Joyce team expanded their expertise to beef. Their chef community was relentlessly requesting meats that were raised with the same passion and care as their poultry, which recently led to the launch of their 100% grass-fed and finished line of Angus beef. No different than every product Joyce Farms markets, their beef product starts with “taste in mind.” We’ve all been disappointed at some point by grass-fed beef and have dismissed its flavor for the grain-fed product we grew up with, but this product will force you to reconsider grass-fed beef in general. Allen Williams, who Ron refers to as the godfather of the grass-fed industry in North America, is the brains behind the program.

Allen and Ron chose the Scottish Aberdeen Angus as their breed of choice due to its ability to produce well-marbled meat from a 100% grass-fed diet. Allen introduced Ron and company to the team at Evans Hooks Ranch, a fourth generation, well respected cattle farm in Swainsboro, Georgia.

Evans and his son, Addison, run the ranch. There are plenty of trees for shade in the dog days of summer and rolling hills for the cattle to make their home and to stretch their muscles. It’s a pasture-centered operation where the cattle get to enjoy over twenty varieties of grass that are rotated through the season. Since Southeastern Georgia receives almost 50 inches of rain per year – twice the rainfall of the two largest cattle producing states, Kansas and Nebraska – the combination of rain and sun promotes quick grass growth, giving the ranch a tropical or jungle-like feel. The Hooks family also measure brix in grass like we at Baldor measure brix in melons and stone fruit. These cattle eat well!

They say that animal comfort and docility has a lot to do with tenderness, and the Hooks treat these animals like their own pets; to know and see the care that these animals receive clearly and directly translate to their flavor. As Ron says, “Try it. Eat it. Put it in your mouth and then make a decision.” After our time spent with the Joyce Farms team, we certainly are believers and we hope you will be, too.


You can read more about Joyce Farms and shop our selection here. 

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