Avocados 101

Avocados 101

Baldor Editors Feb 8 , 2016

Did you know avocados are in season 365 days a year? 

There are many reasons to love Avocados From Mexico. At AFM, they understand that having access to year-round fruit, like the Mexican avocado, is vital in catering to the high-demand of restaurants, school/hospital facilities, catering operations, and other culinary establishments. For this reason, we've provided serious knowledge from Avocados from Mexico below. Want more information? You can visit their website here.


Mexico is distinctive due to its rich geography and offers many natural wonders. The right climate and soil have all contributed to Mexico’s ability to make each state one-of-akind. Specifically, the beautiful state of Michoacán is able to produce delicious avocado fruit, which is exported around the world during all seasons because of its yearround availability.That’s right, their roots are some of the oldest in the world and are most productive in the state of Michoacán. A combination of more than 19,000 orchards and a blooming season that lasts the entire year enables their growers the ability to offer you an uninterrupted supply of our avocado fruit 365 days a year.


We've got a pretty special promotion running to celebrate Avocados from Mexico. We've challenged tri-state area chefs to think #beyondtheguac. Each day from 2/8-2/18 we will post a new entry on our Instagram from a local chef. The entry can be an image of any recipe; snack, dinner, dessert -- just must use avocados, and can't be guacamole (That's too easy!). The entry with the most likes gets 20 cases of avocados! Second prize is 10 cases of avocados. See our most recent entry on our Instagram here. Cast your vote by liking your favorites, and help the best #beyondtheguac chef get more avocados than they know what to do with (Just kidding -- the possibilities are endless!). 

Learn more about Avocados from Mexico. 


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