What are the Highlights of California Citrus Season?

What are the Highlights of California Citrus Season?

Baldor Buyers Jan 29 , 2016

Dear Baldor Purchasing Team,

I love the citrus that you bring in from California this time of year and I try to put as much as I can on my menu as soon as the season begins.  But, some of the items seem to have a pretty short season.  Would you give me an overview of the winter citrus season in California?

All of the best,

Orange you Glad I Didn’t Say Banana


Dear Orange,

We’d be happy to give you the overview.  Keep in mind that, in this business, all we can do is ballpark it.  Factors like rainfall and temperature make each season a little different than the last. Shameless plug here—for more information on weather and market conditions, you can refer to our weekly “News from the Farm” updates every Wednesday here!


Mandarins & Tangerines

Satsuma Mandarins: mid-November through February

Clementines: December and January

Dancy Tangerines: January through mid-April

Page Mandarins: mid-January through March

Lee Tangerines: mid-Dec through March

Gold Nuggets: March and April

Shasta Gold: mid-March through May

Ojai Pixies: mid-March through June


Lemons & Limes

Kaffir limes: September through November

Palestine Sweet Lime: November to May

Rangpur Lime: December and January

Variegated Pink Lemon: October and November

Meyer Lemon: November through May

Yuzu: September and October



Heirloom Navel: November through mid-May

Cara Cara: January through April

Moro Blood: mid-December through March

Seville Sour: mid-December through March

Tarocco Sicilian Blood: February through March

Bergamot: December through January



Meiwa: March and April

Nagami: March and April

Fukushu: December through April



Melogold: January through March

Chandler Pummelo: October through March

Oro Blanco: January through March


Citron & Other Specialties

Etrog Citron: September through December

Buddha’s Hand: September through January

Indio Mandarinquat: December through February

Limequat: November and December

Calamondin: November through February

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