Tongore Brook Farm, Stone Ridge, NY

Tongore Brook Farm

About Tongore Brook Farm

Tongore Brook Farm started as an idea about local four-season sustainable food systems, and grew into a premier specialty crop greenhouse farm running on solar and geothermal energy. Owner Michael McDonough – an architect and food enthusiast who has worked internationally with chefs for decades – organized a team of restauranteurs, growers, and soil experts to create a perfect growing environment for USDA Organic Certified crops. “Our backbone product line comprises retail market “big flavor” pea shoots and radishes. We also do organic log grown shiitake, edible flowers, and baby leaf salad mixes for chefs who need year-round reliable production,” says McDonough. “And I oversee every aspect of the operation, from seed to packaged product.” 

Located in the scenic Hudson Valley village of Stone Ridge, the unique micro-farm less can produce more energy than it consumes while growing thousands of pounds of food on forested Colonial farmland less than 100 miles from New York City.  Tongore Brook Farm stands for salad quality microgreens that are vibrant in color and tender from stem to leaf, with intense “green” flavor top notes and sweet-on-the-finish bottom notes. Picked at their flavor peak, these products are resilient enough to hold up to a salad dressing, flavorful enough to be wilted over pasta, and beautiful enough to be a garnish or decorative bed for a meat or fish entree.

Tongore Brook Farm

“Money can’t buy better. The flavor is stunning, absolutely amazing. They are simply the most beautiful microgreens I have ever come across. I won’t buy anywhere else."                           

Executive Chef Shawn “Radar” Burnette