Riverdog Farm , Guinda, CA

"Andale Pues!” ("Let’s do this!")

About Riverdog Farm

Riverdog Farm began as a 2-acre organic vegetable farm in Napa County. Started by partners Trini Campbell and Tim Mueller, they now grow organic food on 450 acres. Located in the beautiful Capay Valley, the rich creek-bottom soil, intense summer heat, and winter frost make exceptionally tasty fruits and vegetables. Since 1990 they have used a system of compost, crop rotation, cover cropping and hedgerow planting to keep the soil healthy and to promote a healthy ecosystem around the farm. Animals are integrated into the farming system by providing natural fertilizer for orchards and fields and are all raised on organic pasture.  

Riverdog Farm

"Our philosophy is that by taking care of our employees, land, and animals, we are helping to create a food system that is better for everyone—and one that tastes better too!"

Trini Campbell & Tim Mueller


From Riverdog Farm


Organic Sweety Pepper

10 LB