Your Preferred Retail Supplier

Our connections to the fish we bring in, the fisherfolk who make the responsible and sustainable catches, and our customers, are evident with every piece of fish and seafood we send to markets, stores, and to our home customers*.

 Starting a brand-new fish program? We’ll provide everything, from whole fish, sides, and individual portions, which we can send over packaged — fresh or frozen — and case-ready. Or, if you’re creating a display case, we also offer bulk fish, whole for your own fishmongers to cut themselves, or portioned by our team, per your specifications. This includes a variety of seafood, roe, and case-ready items, too.

Supplementing an existing fish program? We’re happy to help fill in the gaps, whether your store is looking for frozen or fresh items. Contact us for specific needs or for us to help provide suggestions for popular additions.

We’re committed to fulfilling all orders efficiently by offering next day delivery, five days each week. Once our products leave our HACCP state-of-the-art warehouse in our refrigerated trucks, they head straight to your business or home.

*For home delivery information, and to determine whether you live within our delivery range, please visit Home Delivery.