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Roe Uni Maine

Shellfish | In stock | Tray: 140 - 150g
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Uni is the roe that is harvested from search urchins. It is hard to image that such a delicacy comes from the 'hedgehog of the sea'. Uni can be floral and musky and is often applied raw atop sushi. It can also add subtle flavor and rich depth to egg or pasta dishes or served simply with lemon. 

Used in a wide variety of Japanese dishes, Uni is mainly served raw, although recently it has become a topping in modern Mediterranean, American, and Spanish dishes.

Taste & Texture
Light/Briny - Smooth, Creamy

Vitamins & Nutrients
Folate, Vitamin B12, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Phosphorus, Zinc

Recommended raw serving .5 - 1oz (14g - 28g).
This item does not freeze well. 

FDA recommends seafood intended for raw consumption to be frozen or fully cooked to ensure destruction of parasites. PFC is not responsible for freezing seafood products.

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