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Fish | In stock | 1 LB Frozen
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If killer whales are the bosses of the sea then Swordfish are the mid-level gangsters. Not only is their upper jaw shaped like a steely weapon, but Swordfish also swim solo, sometimes as fast as fifty  miles an hour. They dine by night and eat about as much, if not more, seafood as we do. An orange hued Swordfish steak means that the large fish, which can grow to over a thousand pounds, has been recently feasting on shrimp or other red finned friends. Swordfish meat is quite mild and sweet and maintains firmness, making it ideal for grilling, kabobs or slow poaching.

Recommended Preparation
Sear steak over wood-fire grill; serve with crusty bread, lemon and herbs

Flavor Profile
Sweet, mild, and firm

Vitamins and Minerals
Selenium, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Zinc


This item is scaled, deboned, and ready to cook. 

1lb feeds up to three people.

This item freezes well.


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