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Squid Whole Dirty

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Squid are unmistakable creatures. They have four sets of arms, two tentacles, an odd hat-shaped head and can even leap out of the water. The squid's body can be stuffed and grilled whole over a wood fire for a nice smokey flavor and sweet char. The ink can be used to enrich handmade pasta. Simply batter and fry thinly sliced rings and serve with aioli for calamari, an ideal start to any dinner by the sea.

Recommended Preparation
Frito Misto: Tempura batter and fry with seasonal vegetable and serve drizzled with flaky salt, sweet honey and aioli for dipping

Vitamins and Minerals
Zinc, Copper, Vitamin B

Flavor Profile
Salty, briny and firm 


This item freezes well.

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