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Barbeque Eel

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Known to sushi lovers as Unagi, barbecued eel is a Japanese delicacy. Strips of eel are typically grilled over charcoals, and then steamed to remove excess fat. A s weet glaze gets brushed on before they’re briefly grilled a second time, just until the glaze sets in. The result is a sweet flavor and texture everyone loves. BBQ eel are only mildly briny, crisp outside, and meltingly tender inside. Arrives fresh-frozen, thaw first then simply slice and enjoy; steaks ready-to-eat. Product of China. 

 Pierless Fish, Brooklyn's premier fresh seafood purveyor, has proudly supplied New York City's top chefs and restaurants with the highest quality fish and shellfish for over a decade. Founded in 1999 by Long Island native Robert Bobby DeMasco, Pierless has always focused on local and sustainable products and responsible fish sourcing practices, whenever possible.

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