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Octopus Baby

In stock | 2 lb Frozen
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Indonesian baby octopi are not immature, but are their own adult species. Arriving already cleaned, these mild-tasting, tender cephalopods are almost ready to cook. Thaw first, then rinse well. Boil with aromatics, like bay leaves, for 45 minutes, before using in seafood salad or other preparations. Alternatively, simmer with white wine, tomatoes, and herbs for the same amount of time to infuse flavor from the beginning. Please: They arrive frozen, contains 16-25 pieces.

Pierless Fish, Brooklyn's premier fresh seafood purveyor, has proudly supplied New York City's top chefs and restaurants with the highest quality fish and shellfish for over a decade. Founded in 1999 by Long Island native Robert Bobby DeMasco, Pierless has always focused on local and sustainable products and responsible fish sourcing practices, whenever possible.

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