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Home Delivery

Who is Pierless Fish?
Brooklyn-based Pierless Fish has proudly supplied New York City’s top restaurants with the highest quality fish and shellfish for more than two decades. Founded in 1999 by Robert “Bobby” DeMasco, Pierless has always focused on local and sustainable food. This philosophy was not a by-product of Brooklyn’s emerging food movement so much as it was common sense. Without ethical and sustainable harvesting practices, the fishing industry simply can’t survive. As Bob will often point out, “We’ve got to make sure there’s actually freakin’ fish out there to catch.”

Why home delivery?
Bobby has always been interested in expanding into home delivery. Now, with restaurants closing due to COVID 19, he sees this as a great opportunity to help people to continue to enjoy fresh fish and shellfish.

Can I freeze my delivery?
Yes. None of Bobby’s fish has been previously frozen. Even the fish that comes from other locations has been shipped next-day on ice.

Does Pierless Fish force its employees to work if they’re sick?
No. Pierless Fish provides paid sick leave.

What is your delivery range?
We’re still working through logistics, but we believe that Brooklyn, Manhattan, and parts of Queens are doable.

I’m interested. Is there a price list? Minimum order? How do I pay?
Minimum order is $60, though if you’ve got freezer space, more is better. You can view our entire assortment here. Orders for next day delivery via Pierless trucks must be placed by 7pm the night before, and orders for shipping must be placed by 7pm the night before shipping.