Violife , Thessalonica, Greece

100% Vegan Cheese – Enjoyed By Everyone!

About Violife

Welcome to the wonderful world of Violife! We make great tasting vegan cheese alternatives. Our melty, stretchy, creamy, tangy Violife family of products are 100% vegan and free from lactose, GMO, gluten, nuts, soy, preservatives and cholesterol. So, you’re guaranteed allergen-free eating!

Enjoy all the foods you love from pizza to pasta and burgers to the ultimate comfort of a great grilled cheese - no compromise on taste necessary. Based in the beautiful surroundings of Thessalonica Greece, we’ve been committed to making amazing tasting, 100% vegan, non-dairy, non GMO foods since the 90’s, and we are proud and humbled to be a favorite brand in over 50 countries around the world, and the #1 fastest growing vegan cheese in the USA.

Violife is 100% vegan cheese – enjoyed by everyone!



“Violife has always been dedicated to creating 100% vegan, non-dairy, non-GMO and allergen free foods. We are passionate about creating great tasting food without compromise or cruelty using only plant-based ingredients. It is this ethos that has made us so popular with vegans, intolerants, vegetarians and flexitarians."

Anthimos Misailidis, Violife CEO