Village Farms , Leamington, ON

Garden Fresh Flavor

About Village Farms

Village Farms is an environmentally sustainable nature friendly pioneer of hydroponic greenhouse grown produce. Village Farms searches the world over for the best tasting varieties and their produce is bred using traditional cross-breeding methods so they can be proud to say they are GMO Free. With beautiful indoor gardens, they create an environment that nurtures the plants so they achieve consistent quality and maximum flavor year round. Bees pollinate the plants and they use integrated pest management practices where they release good bugs that eat up any of the bad bugs in the greenhouse. Village Farms produce ripens on the vine longer allowing the natural sugars to develop into mouth-watering garden fresh flavor. Their tomatoes are then picked by hand and arrive to you in a matter of days. Farming the way nature intended, with an eye for resource management, Village Farms is the future of farming.


Village Farms

What we do is very rewarding and I think it’s special – producing food for human consumption. There’s a great amount of responsiblity in that. 

Mike DeGiglio President & CEO