Simply Good Jars, Bohemia NY

Chef-made, ready-to-eat meals that are good for you and the planet.

About Simply Good Jars

At Simply Good Jars, we are on a mission to develop amazing products that are designed with goodness from the start. For us that means using high-quality ingredients, developing amazing recipes and embracing a sustainable business model that empowers everyday people to make real impact. Our founder + chef put immense thought into each recipe + invented a packaging technique that allows our salads to be fully mixed right insider the jar, in 12-seconds or less. (Jars are 6.5" tall x 3.5" wide).


Simply Good Jars

"I am a huge fan. The product is so fresh, my entire family is obsessed and keep asking me for more. They taste great, and the salads are deceivingly large portions, love that they donate meals to hunger organizations too!! Makes me feel less guilty. Love the company, product and mission, we're hooked!"


-1st time customer