Salumeria Biellese, New York, NY

The Home of Artisan Meats Since 1925

About Salumeria Biellese

The Biellese family has been in business since 1925 with a retail store in Manhattan and a production plant in Newark, N.J. Their ancestors came to the USA from the province of Biella in the Piedmont region of Italy – a place revered for its tradition of curing meat. Salumeria Biellese uses only the highest quality ingredients from local farms and their salumi features 100% Berkshire pork. With its beautiful marbling and intense meatiness, the Berkshire breed is the perfect match for the Biellese family’s heirloom spice blends. When it comes to production, Salumeria Biellese is a purist and their method is simple: salt, rest, dry and wait.

Salumeria Biellese

It's not about volume or speed…We're completely in the 19th century as far as the product is concerned, and we're proud of it.

Marc Buzzio, Owner