Rancho La Familia, Inc. , Santa Maria CA

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food.

About Rancho La Familia, Inc.

Rancho La Familia, Inc. is a small, family owned and operated farm. Located in Santa Barbara County, Virginia Cortez and Luis Guevara Sr., along with their two sons Luis Guevara Jr. and Omar Guevara, have run the farm for over 15 years. Virginia, the soul of Rancho La Familia, started as a field worker but had bigger dreams to run her own farm. From just a 10 acre plot of land, Virginia and her family have grown and made their dream a reality, now cultivating 50 acres. Together they have formed an amazing family team and have come a long way. Rancho La Familia is a caring, family run, farm with delicious produce and a passion for delivering the best quality fruits and vegetables to their customers.

Rancho La Familia, Inc.

“Farmer's don't just work til the sun goes down. They Work til the job gets done.”