Purslane, Brooklyn, NY

Zero Waste. Carbon Neutral. Conscious Food.

About Purslane

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission at Purslane. We are proud to be the first zero-waste and carbon neutral food company in the world.

We have committed to creating zero waste - this requires that we compost, recycle, and upcycle 100% of what we purchase to make our food. This commitment is driven by the desire to keep microbes of plastic out of our food supply and the fact that 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions is due to food waste alone. We tightly plan our menu, operation, and ordering to eliminate the need for trash. We reclaim any potential waste from our events and ensure all items make it to the appropriate compost, up cycling, or recycling stream and ensure any viable food is packaged for donation. The same care and thought is put into the food and items we send to your home.



"Food as a sector is responsible for 25% of emissions worldwide. As a hospitality company we feel it is our responsibility not to externalize the costs and consequences of our carbon footprint onto vulnerable communities and future generations. We are committed to being carbon neutral by measuring any emissions caused by our operation and investing in carbon negative initiatives to reach net zero."

Henry Rich