Montchevre, Belmont, WI

The freshest products from our family farms to your table

About Montchevre

Montchevré is the largest goat cheese manufacturer in the United States, and continues to operate with the same core goals and values since it began 25 years ago. In 1989, co-founders Arnaud Solandt and Jean Rossard brought four generations of unique goat cheese "savoir-faire" from the southwest region of France to the US and built the company to where it is today, supporting a network of 360+ independent family farms and offering over 75 varieties of goat cheese products.  At its plant in Belmont, Wisconsin, the company combines traditional French cheese-making techniques with daily shipments of locally sourced, premium fresh goat milk to produce its highly popular cheeses.  By overseeing the entire production process, being involved from the farms to the final product, the company is able to ensure a standard of quality that has won it numerous awards over the years, as well as a highly devoted customer base. In addition, Montchevré’s commitment to customer service has led to ongoing development of new products, flavors, and packaging throughout 25 years of market growth, leading to the most versatile product line available today, with several of its innovations becoming today’s industry standards.  


"Something that I think is really cool about our company, and my dad and Jean especially, is that they understand while the American palate is growing, and people are becoming more familiar with stinky cheeses, and they’re loving stinky goat cheese, that they’ve kind of also adjusted their recipes to the American palate."

Melanie Solandt, Daughter of Montchevre founder Herve Solandt