Misfit Juicery, Washington, DC

Fight food waste one cold-pressed juice at a time.

About Misfit Juicery

Misfit Juicery is a Washington DC juicing company committed to making fresh, delicious, unusual juices from imperfect surplus fruits and vegetables. Between 70 & 80% of the ingredients in each bottle consists of misfit produce, depending on the week.

Amazing flavors like Strawberry/Lemon/Ginger/Asian Pear or Pear/Cucumber/Spinach/Lemon are birthed using ugly, scrappy produce. Though the ingredients are what some might consider “low-born” the fresh tasting beverages they produce are spectacularly chic.

MISFIT is now officially a partner with Baldor Specialty Foods, cold-pressing our trim, tops and peelings from our processing facility (called SparCs – scraps spelled backwards) for their recipes.

These juices are not overly sweet, but instead are vibrant, complex, zesty and refreshing. Misfit delivers flavor value plus social value in equal measure – better for you and for the planet.

Misfit Juicery

We don’t see ourselves as a cold-pressed juice company, we see ourselves as a company fighting food waste, and the vehicle for that is cold-pressed juice.

Phil Wong, Co-Founder