Lucky's Real Tomatoes, BROOKLYN, NY

Farm to Table For 35 years

About Lucky's Real Tomatoes

New York’s Chefs may remember Lucky walking into their kitchens with a case of tasty tomatoes over her shoulder, back in the early 1980’s. Although it was Lucky’s face they saw, it was her brother Alan Marcelli, who developed the farming division and closed loop trucking system that kept their valued chefs supplied year round with great tomatoes. So many of the family members who were the foundation of the company--- their Dad Tony, Mom Linda, and brother Marc all worked hard behind the scenes to make Lucky’s Real Tomatoes the success it is today.

From the first meeting with Baldor President Kevin Murphy, and continuing with the leadership of TJ Murphy and Michael Muzyk, Lucky’s has shared the mission of providing our customers with great tasting, healthy and safe tomatoes.   Lucky’s is proud to have been “Farm to Fork” for over three decades, long before it became a popular trend. They have been growing and transporting their special tomatoes, always within a day or two from harvest, from their network of farmers on the East Coast to their customers’ tables.  As chefs’ careers took them across the country, nationwide distribution was created and the recognition of the “Lucky Brand” became synonymous with quality, flavorful tomatoes.

Lucky's Real Tomatoes

Lucky’s Real Tomatoes is a family owned company, which has featured American, Field-Grown, Sun-ripened, Flavorful tomatoes for 35 years. 

Lucky Lee, COO