La Fermière, Saratoga Springs, NY

The recipe for happiness in a yogurt

About La Fermière

La Fermière is a family-owned French yogurt and desserts company founded in 1952 in the charming city of Marseille, France. La Fermière is known for its traditional savoir-faire: combining the finest ingredients to bring together a delicious, indulgent and all-natural premium yogurt, made avec amour*. La Fermière has come to the U.S. to share their French recipes with everyone – their  ‘American dream’ come true!

La Fermière

La Fermière Yogurt's story is unique and beautiful. The recipe is from France (as is the name) however the milk is sourced locally from Upstate New York and La Fermière is made in New York. All ingredients going in are the highest of quality, resulting in a supurb yogurt we're so proud to sell in our store! 

Zabar’s Team