Kotti Berliner Döner Kebab, Brooklyn, NY

No Passport Required! A bite of Berlin now available in New York City.

About Kotti Berliner Döner Kebab

  • TimeOut New York raves: "OMG The Berliner Döner Kebab made it to New York." and The Daily Meal says "The Döner may be the best sandwich you've never heard of,” Kotti is a young startup, founded by Erkan Emre, a German/Turkish architect who craved his favorite sandwich from Berlin: the Döner Kebab. He partnered with his longtime friend, food industry expert Michael Stark (from Stuttgart), to bring the multi-cultural street food to NYC. Kotti caters to an expanding health-conscious consumer base seeking nutritious, sustainable, and delicious food that is good for them and the planet. Using only antibiotic-free meats, local produce, and a rainbow of nutritious vegetables with signature home-made sauces, Kotti elevates this street food into a gourmet experience at their stores in New York. With this meal-kit you can create delicious Döner Kebab sandwiches, fresh salads, and yummy rice bowls for a party of six and catapult yourself and your guests to Berlin without the jet lag.
Kotti Berliner Döner Kebab

"I could not think of a better way to bring a taste of Berlin to New York than to introduce my favorite dish to my new hometown.”

Erkan Emre, Founder and CEO