Family Tree Farms , Reedley, CA

A relentless commitment to quality that begins in the fields and continues through company- owned packing, cooling and shipping facilities.

About Family Tree Farms

The Jackson family’s California roots began just after the Great Depression in the mid-1930s when Herschel Jackson followed his brother from Tennessee to the fertile soil of California’s central valley. He brought farm land there and started the family that runs Family Tree Farms to this day.

The farm’s prime location on the western edge of the San Joaquin Valley offers a unique terroir that provides mild winters, early springs and protection from coastal winds. Known primarily for their blueberries, the Jackson Family also grows gorgeous stone fruits. 

Family Tree Farms is run by the third generation of Jacksons and encompasses thousands of acres of premium stone fruit with an all-out focus on flavor. They insist on harvesting fruit based on quality, not on market pressures. Today, many seventh and eight generation farmers in the San Joaquin Valley grow under the Family Tree umbrella to ensure a steady supply of high-flavor proprietary varieties. 

Family Tree Farms

Because flavor means everything to us you can rest assured that every box will contain the best tasting fruit available anywhere.

Family Tree Farms Team