Elysian Brewing Company, Seattle, WA

Experimental, Well-Balanced Beers

About Elysian Brewing Company

Elysian Brewing opened their doors in 1996 when bold art and music defined Seattle. They carry this same spirit in the way they brew their beer - shaking up classic styles, using unusual ingredients, and learning from experimentation. They push creativity beyond their brews. Each beer label is made by an in-house team who pull inspiration from design, photography, clay, paint, needlepoint, hell even the occasion tattoo. Have a beer here or join them at one of their three Seattle locations!

Elysian Brewing Company

"Elysian pushes creative boundaries not just with our beer but our label art as well. The full experience of Elysian is what you taste and what you see on the packaging. We always want to keep drinkers on their toes so whether it’s an unexpected ingredient or hidden design element, participation is required.”

Joe Bisacca, Founder