Delifrance, Paris, France

Live Everyday Delicious

About Delifrance

Our story begins in France in the 1980s, when we created the first ever quick-frozen part-baked baguette. Our Délifrance Héritage range is the best we have to offer. The essence of French baking stems from the use of exceptional quality ingredients and traditional techniques. Offering a wide selection of expertly crafted products with an artisanal look and a unique flavor created by artisan makers, combining long fermentation times with our unique expertise in sourdough.

The result is a product of the highest quality for an indulgent taste experience.



"At Delifrance, we believe that everyday doesn't have to taste like everyday. Each day is a reason to enjoy every bite of it. That's why we put all our know-how and heart into crafting delicious bakery products that re-awaken your sense and renew your delight for the everyday."

The Delifrance Team