Cooperstown Cheese Company, Milford, NY

European-inspired Cheeses from Jersey & Brown Swiss Cows Milk

About Cooperstown Cheese Company

Located in Milford, N.Y., this artisan cheese dairy specializes in several European-inspired cheeses crafted from Jersey and Brown Swiss cow’s milk sourced from local family farms. The cheese masters at Cooperstown then age the finished forms in their own temperature and humidity controlled aging caves. Their raw milk Jersey Girl Colby uses milk from Hilltop Farm in Westford, N.Y. The cow’s there are entirely grass fed so that earthy essence is reflected in the cheese’s deep yellow hue and the robust flavor. It can only be made in spring and summer when there is plenty grass for the cows to graze. Toma Celena is made from the milk of Brown Swiss Cows naturally raised on Sunny Acres Swiss Farms, also in the area. It is a rich Italian table cheese hinting of toasted grains, apples and caramelized milk – the pinnacle of sweet and nutty!

Cooperstown Cheese Company

The red roof 6 miles south of Cooperstown on Route 28.

Cooperstown Cheese Company