Community Grains, Oakland, CA

Whole Milled • 100% Whole Grain

About Community Grains

For ten years, Community Grains has been building an integrated local grain economy based on nutrient rich soil and innovative milling. With the highest standards for transparency, performance, and taste, they make exceptional flour, pasta, polenta, and bread. Community Grains’ products are tested by chefs and eaters alike to compete against everyday, all-purpose grains. This is whole grain food - like never before.

Grains start with soil. Community Grains partners with farmers who have been building their soil for decades - and you can taste it. These pioneers in no-till, low-till, and dry farming practices use crop rotations and cover cropping to create nutrient-rich soils. The result is grain full of flavor and nutrients.

Milling matters. Community Grains uses an advanced air-classifier mill, providing precise and consistent granulation. Stone or roller milled flours don’t compare on performance and nutrition. Community Grains defines whole grain as 100% of the germ, bran, and endosperm. Wheat kernels go in and emerge as true whole grain flour, never sifted or reconstituted, nutritious vitamins and minerals intact.

Most mills don’t say where a bag of flour comes from, because they can’t. Community Grains’ Identity Preserved products are transparent from seed to table. Every batch has 23 Points of Identity™ to tell the story of the harvest that went into each delicious bite.

Community Grains breaks from convention with production that favors transparency, flavor, and nutrition. Along the way, they’ve teamed up with trailblazing farmers, millers, scientists, bakers, and chefs to develop - and continuously improve - whole grain food.

Community Grains

“The local-artisan movement has moved the needle on produce and meat, but grain is the biggest food part of American agriculture and hasn’t yet been touched. Community Grains is the first interesting effort to do that.”

Michael Pollan