Caputo Flour , Naples, Italy

A Flour For Every Purpose

About Caputo Flour

Since 1924, we have skillfully selected and mixed the best quality wheat following the tradition of the ancient art of milling. We don’t sacrifice quality for quantity and unlike many other mills, we grind our wheat slowly to preserve the starch, protein content, and natural flavor. We don’t use any additives, so our flour has only one ingredient: wheat. Through constant testing and research we are able to guarantee extremely high standards of quality.

Rather than an all-purpose flour, we have created a wide range of flours made with different blends of wheat to meet the specific needs of chefs and consistently guarantee high quality results. Thanks to the experience developed over three generations as Master Neapolitan Millers, we are constantly innovating, improving, and evolving.

Caputo Flour

“We believe in our flour. With 100 years of experience across three generations, we have obtained great knowledge about the art and tradition of milling. We put this knowledge along with our respect for tradition, and love, into every bag we produce.”

Antimo Caputo