Cabot Creamery, New York & New England

Owned by Dairy Farm Families in NY & New England

About Cabot Creamery

In 1919, farmers from the Cabot area joined forces to turn their excess milk into butter and market it throughout New England.  Ninety-four farmers jumped on board and purchased the village creamery which was built in 1893.  In 1930 the company hired its first cheesemaker and cheddar cheese entered the product line for the first time.  By 1960, Cabot's membership reached 600 farm families, and started marketing high-quality cheeses and butter under the Cabot brand.  The company also began entering its cheddar in national competitions and in 1989 took first place in the cheddar category at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest held in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  In 1992, Cabot's farmer-owners merged with the 1,800 farm families of Agri-mark, a southern New England co-op dating back to 1918. Together, the combined companies boasted more than 1,500 farms, four processing plants and a large product line.

Meanwhile, Cabot cheddars continue to win awards and accolades. Today Cabot Creamery blends state-of-the-art facilities and a savvy entrepreneurial spirit, with timeless values.   Theirs is a personal commitment to quality, the upshot of being 100% owned by farm families.  Cabot’s cheddar is known throughout the northeast as the best in its’ class, hands down.


Cabot Creamery

We manage four plants in three states, employing over 1,000 people, who make "The World's Best" cheese and dairy products. 

Cabot Creamery