Buster Petronglo & Son Farm, Vineland, NJ

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About Buster Petronglo & Son Farm

The Petronglo Family has been vegetable farming in the North Vineland area for over 100 years.  Generation after generation of Petronglos have successfully farmed some of the same ground that Giuseppe Petronglo began farming in the early 1900’s.  Over the years, Petronglo Farms acquired more ground, the family grew, and eventually they divied off into multiple farming operations.  The basic principles of hard work, family values, and good farming practices teamed with good soil, ideal climate, and primary geographic location have stayed with the families over the years.

Buster Petronglo & Son Farm is comprised of Carmen “Buster” Petronglo, Jr. and his wife Joanne (3rd generation); Joseph Petronglo (3rd generation); and Carmen Petronglo, III and his wife Michelle (4th Generation).  For almost 30 years we have been cultivating around 300 acres of fertile farmland in the North Vineland area.

We are proud to offer premium South Jersey product throughout our growing season.  Spinach, cilantro, parsley, dill, romaine lettuce, escarole, endive, cabbage, eggplants, green squash, sweet corn, and string beans are the principal items we offer.

Buster Petronglo & Son Farm

It’s a great feeling of satisfaction when a crop is successfully grown, harvested, and shared with others who appreciate farm fresh produce.  Farming is not just a job, it’s a way of life.  It takes good seed, great soil, and lots of heart.

Carmen “Buster” Petronglo, Jr.