Bridge And Tunnel Brewery, Ridgewood, NY

Because it's the bridges and tunnels that unite this city - not divide it. Let's come together over a beer...

About Bridge And Tunnel Brewery

Bridge and Tunnel Brewery (proprietors Rich and Lisa Castagna) was established in September 2012, as a self-built, DIY, Nano Brewery, fully licensed, but operating out of a 150 square foot, 1 car garage in Maspeth, Queens.
For 3 years, Bridge and Tunnel Brewery held the status as the smallest brewery in New York City, while furiously brewing well received styles in batches that only yielded 9 kegs per brew session. All batches were brewed on a self-built 50 gallon brewing rig.
Bridge and Tunnel Brewery has managed to rise out of the garage nano days, and is now operating out of a 2300 square foot work space in Ridgewood, Queens. Tap room operations began on November 13th 2015. The new brewery was also built from the ground up by Rich and Lisa Castagna, building with reclaimed and re-purposed materials and equipment. Bridge and Tunnel Brewery is an award winning brewery; the New York City Brewer's Guild Ruppert's Cup in 2017 and a silver medal from The 2019 New York State Craft Beer Competition for our O'l Gilmartin Milk and Oatmeal Stout. Along with an assortment of ales, B&T also produced high quality kombucha (regularly on tap at the tap room), and hard apple cider, made from New York State apples, picked and processed by the B&T team themselves.
Our tap room? A place to find community. Where the neighborhood can come and feel at home. A sanctuary of good vibes, and a wide variety of craft beer styles, as well as craft brewed kombucha and cider made from NY State Apples.
Our beers often are named for stories that retell our local history. Back roads New York City historical anecdotes as we like to think of them.
The building itself is part of the pre-Prohibition Diogenese brewery that operated from 1889 to 1926. Artifacts of the old brewery are literally under our feet below 18 inches of concrete - many of which we found while building a trench drain system during build-out.
We are the first to bring brewing back to Ridgewood Queens, which at one time was a hub for a variety of breweries that Prohibition unfortunately put out of business. We serve our community, and embrace it with open arms.

Bridge And Tunnel Brewery

"One of the top 10 breweries in New York State."

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