Asarasi , Katonah, New York

Pure Water From Living Trees

About Asarasi

Looking for a warm, fun activity to do with his daughter in the middle of a Vermont winter, founder Adam Lazar decided to attend a maple syrup open house. As the farmer went through the production process, Adam witnessed him pouring thousands of gallons of pure water down the drain. After talking about it with the farmer, Adam learned that maple producers use only 3% of the total sap collected for maple products. The remaining 97% is pure tree water that is not utilized and discarded.  This was a new source of incredibly pure water that had never been “tapped”!

At Asarasi, they have literally tapped into nature! Each year, up to 1 billion gallons of pure, naturally filtered water are harmlessly extracted from living Maple trees. They have innovated a way to carbonate, store, and deliver this water straight to you! By sourcing their water from living trees, Asarasi has created the world’s ONLY sustainable & renewable, USDA organic, bottled sparkling water.


“We are pleased to offer a brand new source of pure water that can be trusted and is both renewable and sustainable. We are also proud of the fact that we are helping farmer prosperity by buying a by-product that was once discarded."

Adam Lazar, Founder