2 Friends Farms, Attleboro, MA

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About 2 Friends Farms

From the outside, 2 Friends Farm resembles nothing more than a warehouse on a quiet street in Attleboro, MA. One could never guess that inside that old mill, a farm is bustling with activity and bursting with greens. Endless rows of different shades of green line up, tray after tray, on long tall tables until it is time to harvest. These trays carry wheatgrass, a plant known for its immense health benefits when drank as a juice, and microgreens, which are tiny, newly grown plants that get harvested within two weeks after they poke their little green leaves out of rich soil.  Founding Friend Ashley Driscoll got the idea to grow microgreens while searching for healthier food to eat. Surrounded by fast food and wilting vegetables, she wanted to provide a fresher alternative to her family, and her community that would be full of flavor and nutrients. With no previous commercial farming experience and no large stretch of farmland, she searched for something that balanced size and nutrition. This search eventually led her to microgreens, which are equally and exceptionally small and nutrient dense. With her desire to grow microgreens blossoming, she needed to find a way to make her dream a reality. Enter John Irving, the other Founding Friend, he had the business knowledge and technical skills, and he shared Ashley’s desire for a healthier, happier life. Together, the two of them planted their first seed in January of 2013 and 2 Friends Farm quickly sprouted to life.


2 Friends Farms

We are organic farmers, consciously growing the highest quality microgreens and wheatgrass, promoting a lifetime of health to our families and yours.


-Ashley and John, Founding Friends